Tax Filing Documents

Before beginning work on ALL tax returns, we need a signed Engagement Letter and completed Basic Questionnaire.

In addition, there are specific questionnaires that must be completed and returned to us for anyone who:

Is claiming any dependents

Plans to file as Head of Household

Has self employment income, income from “side jobs,” or other income (such as from ride sharing, Airbnb, etc.)

Qualifies to claim the Earned Income Credit

Has college or other post secondary education expenses for themselves, spouse or dependent(s), not including student loan interest

You can either:

1.     Download the above forms, complete them and print them to bring in with your tax documents.

2.     Or SAVE them to your computer.  You can then upload them with your other tax documents to Verifyle.

In addition to the above forms, we will need copies of driver’s licenses and a Void check if you would like any refunds to be direct deposited.

New clients can access an Income Tax Organizer Worksheet here.  Be sure to SAVE your completed forms before uploading them to us or you will be sending us BLANK FORMS!